CMB Personal Training

Why Personal Training

CMB Personal TrainingCMB Personal Training take on clients of all ages and fitness levels, even those who have never exercised before.

Some of the common reasons for people coming to us are:

  • To get back into shape post natal
  • To lose weight/tone up
  • Too self conscious to go to the gym
  • Don’t have time
  • Lack of motivation
  • Pregnant women needing exercise guidance
  • Hit a plateau in their own training

Whatever the reason Personal Training is flexible, tailored to your specific needs and fun. It will not only help you achieve results but exceed them.

When you work with a Personal Trainer you will achieve more because you will be instructed to do all the exercises correctly and so get more out of them, as opposed to a in a gym where you are left to do your own thing.

Your Personal Trainer will always encourage, challenge, and motivate you. You can see and measure the results. My guidance includes training support, nutritional planning, as well as e-mail and phone support. And of course, I come to your home, office or other location at a time that suits you.

Who is PT for?

As previously mentioned anyone, no matter how young or old you are or how fit you are can take the plunge to have a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

At CMB Personal Training we are qualified to train people who fall into the following groups:

  • Pregnant women
  • Older adults (over 65)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Problems
  • Clinically Obese

CMB Personal Training like to maintain good working relationships with other health professionals that you may be consulting with, we therefore keep up to date and detailed information on how you are progressing with your exercise program so that this information can be shared with the relevant people if necessary.

If you would like to know more about how Personal Training can help you please give us a call on 07817 208 151

All clients will receive a health appraisal this includes a health questionnaire, taking blood pressure and resting heart rate readings and if you wish body measurements can be taken to calculate body fat percentage this information together with what you would like to achieve, your nutrition etc will then be used to compile your personalised training program. This program will be monitored during each session, and any “tweeks” needed will be made, and then after a 4 week program has been completed a review will take place where we will discuss how you think the program is going and also take new readings as mentioned above to compare to your previous results. The program will then be progressed accordingly to ensure maximum performance and optimum results.