CMB Personal Training


CMB Personal TrainingMobile Personal Training – this can be carried out at a suitable venue of your choice e.g. home, work, park etc….All services are available for 1 hr, 45min or 30min PT packages which are ideal for those wanting to build on their fitness or lose weight but time is of a premium.

One to One PT – Benefit from the full attention, support and motivation of your Personal Trainer for your entire program. Motivational phone calls and text messages will also help guide you to achieve your goals.

You will receive a training program tailored to your needs and nutritional guidance, in order for you to become that fitter, healthier and more motivated individual.

Partner PT – reduce the cost of Personal Training by training with a partner, this maybe your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend or work colleague. You will still get individually tailored training programs but you also benefit from having the support of someone you know and trust.

Group PT – reduce the cost even further by getting together a group of up to 5 friends to train together, for example new mothers who have met during ante natal classes or in hospital can train and bring their babies too, or maybe you are a group of friends who want to lose weight for a holiday, whatever the reason or level of fitness we will be able to cater for you. Again you will all receive training programs tailored to each individual, but you will also benefit from having your friends help and encourage you along the path to your fitness goals.

Before we begin we start with a FREE consultation where we go over what you would like to achieve, your exercise and health history, any postural and injury problems, your nutrition and of course a bit about you and what motivates you. In advance we’ll send you a few forms to fill in. It won’t take long but is important in helping us put together a plan that will suit your lifestyle.

Give us a call anytime on 07817 208 151 to discuss our packages and what might be best for you. No obligation!