CMB Personal Training

Class information

You will be required to fill out a Pre Exercise Questionnaire. You will receive attention on technique, form and posture and we will ensure that you are able to take exercise ideas away with you do in your own time. Alternative exercises are provided throughout the classes so that you are able to adapt to your level of fitness and more importantly how you are feeling. Classes consist of low impact cardiovascular work, resistance training using bodyweight and resistance bands, core strengthening and relaxation.

Tips for class

Try to feed baby prior to class to aim for a little you time, plus those breastfeeding will find exercise more comfortable.
Bring along water and comfortable clothing for you, plus baby essentials.

If your baby needs attending to during class, don’t worry a little exercise is better than nothing and you will still pick up some ideas to try at home and the technique pointers.

Alternative exercises are offered and demonstrated to ensure you progress at your own rate.
Classes are social, fun and non-judgemental and suitable for all fitness levels.